Technical Issue

Due to a technical problem it is temporarily not possible to top up your credit on We are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible. It's possible too buy a Ortel Top Up card at your local Ortel.

On behalf of the Ortel team, we apologize for the inconvenience!

Frequently asked questions

To check your credit, you have two options:

  1. Call 1244 (free) and follow the instructions. Choose option 1 from the menu. After a few seconds you will hear how much credit you have.
  2. Call * 101 # (free) and in a few seconds you will receive an SMS message with the remaining credit.

You can buy top-up and e-vouchers quickly and easily at one of the many outlets such as petrol stations, supermarkets and telecom shops.

Alternatively you can easily top-up directly online; call credit will be automatically added to your balance (you will not receive any top-up code)

If you have no credit on your SIM card, then you can not call or send SMS messages. You can still receive calls and SMS messages and make use of free services, emergency numbers and free top-up 1244.

On your top-up or e-voucher there is a 15-digit voucher code.

Step 1. Free calls to 1244 and choose option 9 in the menu.

Step 2. Enter your 15-digit top-up code and finish with #.

Your credit is now upgraded. When you are abroad and topping up your SIM card from 1244 is not working, please call +31 6 1200 1244.

You can also top-up via
Visit the page "top-up-call-credit" and enter your phone number, then choose your payment method. After your payment you will receive a text message confirming your credit is upgraded. Your upgrade can not be cancelled. 

Your credit is valid for 6 months. Within these 6 months you can make and receive calls. If you do not top up at least 1 time during this period, your SIM card will be blocked after 6 months. From that moment you can still receive calls and make use of free services, emergency numbers for 1 month. 

If you do not upgrade after the total period of 6 months you lose your mobile number and any remaining call credit. It will also no longer be possible to keep your number or to apply for number portability.