Top up

  1. Choose your amount
  2. Payment
  3. Confirmation
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How can I order call credit?

  1. Choose your top-up amount and enter your mobile number
  2. Pay with IDEAL, Maestro, Giropay or Creditcard
  3. After your payment, your call credit will be immediately activated. It is not possible to cancel your top-up

How to activate call credit + mobile internet

  1. Top up with €10 = €20 
  2. You'll pay €10 and will receive €20 call credit
  3. Activate the 1GB mobile internet 
    by telephone 
    dialing *123#
  4. You'll receive 1 GB + €10 call credit
    for €10*
    * The price of the 1GB mobile internet will be debited from your initial call credit.